Women’s Burial Garments from LH Design

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La Angelica "wing" sleeve
La Angelica “wing” sleeve

Leon Harris is a man with a vision. The Designer and CEO of LH Design, his burial garments for women are meant to enhance “the beauty of the afterlife, via Elegant apparel with an everlasting memory!” That’s what it says on his business card.

At the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) 2019 convention and expo, Harris introduced funeral directors to his line of women’s dresses for the deceased. There are four models of the dresses: La Angelica (appropriate for a younger deceased person), Lacey, Lucille, and Lyntene. The dresses feature pearls, beads and sequins in different combinations, depending on the model.

LH Design offers dresses in 16 colors in their classic lace styles, and eight in the beaded pearl dresses. In this video, he points out the versatility of the neckline for the Lyntene model, which can be folded under to a boat neckline, or trimmed to the shape of the lace/beading.

LH Design Women's Burial Garments at NFDA 2019

How burial garments are different from other dresses

Lyntene model from LH Design
Lyntene burial garment model from LH Design

Burial garments are designed like hospital gowns, with an opening all the way down the back. With this feature, the deceased can be easily dressed while the body lays in a supine position during preparation.

All of LH Design’s products are made in the USA. They are based in Atlanta, Georgia. LH Design also offers a partial casket cover that matches the dresses. In 2020, the company will manufacture full casket covers, a blanket that can be a keepsake after the funeral.

Learn more at their website, www.LHDesign54.com. They can also be called at 470-494-1046.

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