DVD Set – A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die

Gail Rubin, on-set during the 'A Good Goodbye' TV program

Gail Rubin, host of A Good Goodbye TV

A Good Goodbye TV presents an educational and entertaining 12-episode series of 30-minute programs on four DVDs with expert interviews on “everything you need to know before you go.”

Host Gail Rubin brings a light touch to a serious subject. Like her award-winning book of the same name, the TV interviews cover a lot of information most folks don’t know about until faced with a death in the family. By planning ahead and having a conversation families can:

  • reduce stress at a time of grief
  • minimize family conflict
  • save money and
  • create a meaningful, memorable good goodbye.


Buy the DVD series for $24.99 plus shipping. 

Jewish Funeral Traditions and Superstitions

Gail Rubin displays Jewish burial garments in her talk.

Gail Rubin displays Jewish burial garments in her talk.

Have you ever attended a Jewish funeral and wondered why things were done the way they were? Are you in an interfaith couple and have no clue about funeral traditions on the Jewish side of the family? What makes Jewish funerals so different from Christian traditions?

This one-hour talk at the Greater Albuquerque Jewish Community Center answers your questions! CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

Your purchase includes downloadable material to help plan a Jewish funeral.

Buy the DVD for $24.99 plus shipping. 

Funeral Films: Comedies and Dramas

Harold and Maude DVD coverFilms, both funny and serious, can open the door to discussing funeral planning issues. The movies and television shows listed here provide easy opportunities to talk about your “good goodbye.”

Read descriptions of each film and use links to buy DVDs or stream the films from Amazon.com: CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

You can also laugh and learn with Gail Rubin’s film clip illustrated talks. The talks have titles like “Laughing in the Face of Death: Funny Films for Funeral Planning,” “Ashes to Ashes, Dust in Your Face: Cremation, Comedy and Creativity, and “Lessons on Grief and Mourning in Cartoons.” LEARN MORE HERE.

A Good Goodbye