The Latest on Alkaline Hydrolysis for People and Pets

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Alkaline hydrolysis tank for animals
Alkaline hydrolysis tank for pets and animals.

Actual alkaline hydrolysis machines were displayed at the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) 2019 convention in Chicago. What is alkaline hydrolysis?

“Alkaline hydrolysis, which the public may know as Aquamation, is an alternative to cremation and burial,” said Sam Sieber, Vice President of Research for Bio-Response Solutions.

In these two videos, she explains how they accelerate the process of decomposition to produce cremated remains. Their eco-friendly machines use water instead of fire to reduce a body to the bones. There are separate machines designed for people and for pets.

Human Alkaline Hydrolysis

One of the benefits of using an alkaline hydrolysis system for eco-friendly cremation is that they can be easily installed in historic funeral homes in downtown areas. There are no issues regarding permitting for emissions, a concern for flame-based cremation systems.

Sieber shows how the alkaline hydrolysis system would work in a funeral home setting. The basket that holds the body can accommodate a person weighing up to 500 pounds.

Aquamation for Funeral Homes at NFDA 2019

Animal Alkaline Hydrolysis

In this video, Sieber shows how this gentle and eco-friendly cremation process actually results in 20% more remains. There is no co-mingling of remains, as can happen in the fire-based cremation process.

For pets, the process takes 20 hours to end up with the remaining bone (calcium) material. Warm water at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, along with some alkaline chemicals, circulates in the tank. The process uses very little energy.

Sieber also shows what a pet’s cremated remains from the alkaline hydrolysis process look like. They are generally lighter in color and of a sandy texture. The remains can be made into jewelry, art glass, and other keepsakes.

Behind the Scenes: Alkaline Hydrolysis for Pets

Seiber will answer people’s questions about whether alkaline hydrolysis is available in your state or province, and what funeral homes have the equipment. You can email her at For more information about alkaline hydrolysis, visit

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