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This Is Where I Leave You posterLights, Camera Action! Movies Help Businesses Plan for The Next Generation — It’s hard to start a conversation about death and family business. Here’s help from Hollywood, using scenes from films and television programs illustrating the finer points of passing along the family business. READ MORE

Fun Funeral Facts — Want to impress your friends with your knowledge of funeral facts? Here are some choice tidbits of information to toss out at the next party you attend. READ MORE

Six Tips to Prevent After-Death ID Theft — Twenty-five percent of the identities stolen every year are taken from dead people. The identities of the dead are easier to steal and abuse than those of the living – after all, they can’t fight back. Here are six tips to let the dead, and their financials, rest in peace. READ MORE

Dealing with Holiday Blues — When the holidays roll around, we especially miss those we love who have died. From Thanksgiving into the New Year, a few changes to the family’s routines can soften the holiday blues over the death of a loved one. READ MORE

QR Codes Make Memories Come Alive — Would you like to speak to future generations from beyond the grave? There’s now a way you can. READ MORE

Five Tips to Start a Funeral Planning Conversation — Funeral planning is a hard conversation to start. Here are five simple tips to help get the conversation started. READ MORE

What’s a Living Memorial Service? — As more people engage hospice services for end-of-life care, the use of living memorial services is growing. This event allows the hospice patient to be present at his or her own life celebration. READ MORE

Reasons People Avoid Funeral Planning: Embalming — Embalming is one of the “ickier” aspects of funerals that keep keep people from considering funeral planning in advance. That’s a shame, because no state laws require embalming. READ MORE

How To Minimize Funeral Costs — Funerals are a huge expense in a family budget and advance planning can help reduce costs. READ MORE

Funeral Films: The Six Wives of Henry LefayThe Six Wives of Henry Lefay (2009) is a comedic cautionary tale for those who don’t make funeral plans, or for those who make plans but get married way too many times. READ MORE

Funeral Films: The Loved OneThe Loved One satirizes the funeral business, including pet funerals, as well as the movie industry and the military-industrial complex. READ MORE

Funny Funeral Films to Start Serious Conversations — Funny films can open the door to starting serious conversations about funeral planning issues. READ MORE

Avoid a “Facelift Funeral” with Create a Great Funeral Day — October 30 is the day to  to think about how you would like to be remembered and to let others you love know how you’d like your life celebrated. READ MORE

Today’s Funeral Services and Certified Celebrants — Yesterday’s funerals no longer work for today’s families. The ritual is in danger of disappearing, and that’s bad news for people’s emotional healing. READ MORE

The Four R’s of Funerals — “Don’t have a funeral for me when I’m gone.” People say this, not realizing while the memorial service is about them, it’s not really for them. READ MORE

Two Weddings and a Funeral: Family Meltdowns — Weddings plus funerals equal family stress. Whether the event is happy or sad, planned for months or just days, you can bet someone will melt down. READ MORE

Jewish Burial Equals Green Burial — Many people don’t realize that Jewish burial traditions naturally equate to green burial. READ MORE

The Party No One Wants to Plan — Have you ever gone to a party, showing up with a bottle of wine as a gift for the hosts, and found they’re not ready yet? Funerals are a lot like that.  READ MORE

Thoughts on Conveying Funeral Plans to Your Family — At Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral, Glenn Bergenfield, a close family friend who presented a eulogy, said that in her final days, as he looked around the Edwards household for any guidance she had regarding funeral arrangements, he found none. READ MORE

Celebrate Day of the Dead Starting Halloween! —  While the Day of the Dead celebrations held on November 1st and 2nd directly follow Halloween, the holiday is not designed to scare or bring sadness. READ MORE

It’s Your Funeral – Plan It Your Way — October 30, 2010 is the 11th annual Create a Great Funeral Day. The day before Halloween is a great time to pre-plan your big send-off and let your family know how you’d like your life to be celebrated. READ MORE

Five Life and Death Questions Every Family Should Discuss this Thanksgiving (But Probably Won’t) — When the family gathers this Thanksgiving, besides giving thanks for the bounty in your life, take advantage of this face time to talk turkey about end-of-life issues. READ MORE

Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan To Die — In America, death is often regarded as the classic Monty Python routine about the Spanish Inquisition. “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” READ MORE

Save an Arm and a Leg – Pre-Plan to Reduce Funeral Costs — Making funeral arrangements under the duress of grief is akin to buying a car in one afternoon without research because the auto you’ve been driving for years suddenly dies. Buyer’s remorse can set in as soon as you drive off the lot and wonder if you paid too much. READ MORE

Green Burial a Growing Option — A staggering amount of resources are spent annually on traditional funerals, with a huge environmental impact. How to limit resource use and minimize the carbon footprint of final disposition. READ MORE

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