Everdays and Homesteaders Make Funeral Planning Easy

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Studies show the time most people consider preneed funeral planning is when they’ve just experienced the death of a family member or of a friend. This is why the collaboration between the Everdays app and Homesteaders Life Company offers funeral homes a network of warm leads to facilitate preneed sales.

The Everdays mobile platform enables families to use the contact lists in their smart phones to text memorial service information to family and friends. While it can be used by individuals, it primarily offers funeral homes the opportunity to engage with a hard-to-reach audience.

Sample screens of Everdays preneed planning options.

At the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) convention in Chicago, Everdays announced they are collaborating with Homesteaders, a national leader in preneed funeral funding. Together, they are launching the first mobile solution for preneed funeral sales.

In these two interviews at the NFDA convention, Christopher Angi, Vice President of Consumer Operations with Everdays, and Dean Lambert, Vice President of Marketing & Communications with Homesteaders Life Insurance Company, talk about the benefits and opportunities this collaboration provides to funeral homes and the public.

Everdays interview with Chris Angi

Everdays at NFDA 2019

Homesteaders interview with Dean Lambert

Homesteaders Life at NFDA 2019

Here is the joint news release about the Everdays/Homesteaders collaboration.

Everdays & Homesteaders Collaborate to Launch the Only Mobile Funeral Preneed Sales Solution

Everdays Mobile App Now Empowers Funeral Homes Nationwide to Generate New Preneed Business Around Every At-need Case at the Moment Consumers are Most Likely to Pre-plan

Everdays, a mobile platform that helps funeral homes build large and engaged communities of support around every at-need case, has collaborated with Homesteaders Life Company, a national leader in preneed funeral funding, to launch the first complete mobile solution for preneed funeral sales.

Only Everdays can put a funeral home’s preneed opportunities in front of a highly engaged community when they are most receptive to pre-planning. Homesteaders’ policy owner studies show that the #1 reason consumers buy preneed services is because they’ve recently experienced the loss of a friend or family member.

By creating a network of people who have all just experienced a loss, Everdays gives homes a unique opportunity to engage this coveted and hard-to-reach audience. And with this new release, Everdays now puts the ability to take action, to plan and fund a prearranged funeral, directly in front of this captive audience at the time and place when they are most likely to purchase.

“Our data shows there’s a tremendous preneed opportunity within the communities Everdays creates around every at-need case, which goes almost entirely untapped by most funeral homes,” said Steve Shaffer, CEO of Homesteaders. “We believe this collaboration will help our funeral home customers reach and engage consumers in a new way and stay relevant with the families they serve. This combined offering has the potential to reach far more consumers by expanding on the current model.”

Everdays is the first and only mobile platform designed to cultivate actionable prospects from every at-need case, and drive them into a funeral home’s preneed sales funnel. The complete turnkey solution includes an Everdays page for every at-need client, which allows homes to build a community of relatives and friends that extends well beyond their current outreach methods. Everdays puts the funeral home at the center of these communities, guiding them in supporting the family in their time of loss through automated messages and reminders.

This allows homes to market their brand and services and build a relationship with this captive audience. Everdays then closes the loop with a digital pre-planning experience where these new prospects can use their mobile device to customize, purchase and fund funeral arrangements at their convenience. This eliminates the need for an appointment with a sales agent, offering a modern, preneed buying experience that satisfies consumers’ growing demands for self-service, direct-to-consumer convenience.

Mark Alhermizi, founder and CEO of Everdays
Mark Alhermizi, founder and CEO of Everdays

“In our view, Homesteaders is a leader in technology adoption, and this national rollout wouldn’t have been possible without this collaboration,” said Mark Alhermizi, founder and CEO of Everdays. “Our platform enables funeral homes to exponentially grow the sphere of engagement around a death and provides an entire ecosystem for engaging new prospects, building a relationship and educating them on end-of-life decisions like pre-planning and funding at a time when they are most likely to commit.”

Homes can implement Everdays and still keep their existing preneed programs and providers. The Everdays mobile preneed sales solution operates completely independently and is additive to a home’s current preneed marketing programs, creating an entirely new sales pipeline with virtually no additional effort or cost. It delivers a proven, desirable digital brand experience that’s more effective than direct mail or other conventional options and instead puts a modern, self-service preneed buying experience right in the palm of consumers’ hands.

To learn more about Everdays, visit www.everdays.com.

About Everdays

Everdays is modernizing conversations around end of life with the first mobile platform that empowers the surviving family, friends and more to support one another in a time of loss through contemporary communication and meaningful connections. Everdays puts funeral homes at the center of these conversations by building a community of support around every one of their at-need families, creating trusted relationships to market their services, resulting in more preneed opportunities and sales.

About Homesteaders

Homesteaders Life Company, a mutual company owned by its policy holders, is a national leader providing products and services to promote and support the funding of advance funeral planning and end-of-life expenses.

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Everdays: Christopher Angi, VP Customer Operations | 1.248.480.2405 | cangi@everdays.com

Homesteaders: Dean Lambert, Senior VP Marketing | (515) 371-3043 | dlambert@homesteaderslife.com

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