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Death Diaries Podcast: Gail Rubin is interviewed on this 30-minute program that examines our relationship with death. Visit www.TheDeathDiariesPodcast.com.

It Won't Kill You to Discuss Death at Before I Die Festivals

Radio Interview: Dan Raviv with CBS News Radio Weekend Roundup interviews Gail Rubin. The interview is about three-quarters of the way into the podcast, right after the interview with John Glenn on the 50th anniversary of his pioneering space flight. CLICK HERE to get the podcast.

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Radio Interview: Stateside on Michigan Public Radio  CLICK HERE to listen to this eight and a half minute interview with death educator Gail Rubin about why we have such a hard time accepting death, and what happens when we stop ignoring end of life issues.

Radio Interview: WEMU-FM All Things Considered  CLICK HERE to listen to the story, It’s A Fact Of Life: A Conversation With A Death Educator On Laughing In The Face Of Death.

Radio Interview: KPFT-FM Houston MONEY MATTERS CLICK HERE to listen to this 25-minute interview with host Christopher Hensley interviewing on why we avoid the topic of death and what we can do to improve end-of-life planning rates so everyone can have a good goodbye.

Radio Interview: HearSay with Cathy Lewis, a public radio call-in program, talks with Gail Rubin, author of A Good Goodbye and funeral director Robert Webster, author of “Does This Mean You’ll See Me Naked?” CLICK HERE to hear the 55-minute interview or download the podcast from WHRO.org.

Voice America Radio Interview: Dr. Carole’s Couch with Dr. Carole Lieberman: “Putting the Grim Reaper on The Couch” What a paradox: we are surrounded by death in the news every day – from terrorism to natural disasters to contagious diseases – yet it is the last topic we want to think about. Get ready for some gallows humor on today’s show, as Gail Rubin shares her story about how she became The Doyenne of Death and how she helps people overcome the taboo. CLICK HERE to listen.

Talk About Las VegasRadio Interview: Talk About Las Vegas with Ira David Sternberg. Ira interviews Gail about her upcoming talk about Jewish funeral traditions sponsored by the Jewish Community Center of Southern Nevada. CLICK HERE to listen or download an MP3 of the interview.

WGN Radio 720 logoRadio Interview: On Chicago’s WGN-AM station, Gail discusses her 30 Funerals in 30 Days project and other funeral planning issues with host Dave Plier. CLICK HERE to listen or download an MP3 of the interview.

Online Radio Interview: Gail is the guest on the 60-minute program Eric Tonningsen’s Awakening to Awareness. Read his article about the show titled “Why Not Deal With It Now” and download the podcast.

Online Radio Interview: Gail is the guest on the 60-minute program The Home Movie Legacy Project with Rhonda Vigeant. The discussion centered around the importance photos and home movies can play in making meaning at end-of-life and provide healing at memorial services.

Online Radio Interview: Gail is the guest on the 30-minute program GriefTalk with Audrey hosted by Audrey Pellicano, R.N. and CEO of Wise Widow. CLICK HERE to listen online or download the podcast.

Online Radio Interview: Gail is the guest on the 60-minute program Lessons in Joyful Living with Kimberly Rinaldi – yes, you can be joyful while discussing funeral planning issues! CLICK HERE to download the podcast.

Online Radio Interview: On the Conscious Discussions Talk program hosted by Lillian Brummet, Gail Rubin spoke about green burial, advance funeral planning, the impact of obesity on funeral costs, final expense insurance, and a host of other hot topics. CLICK HERE to listen online.

Radio Interview: Bill Frank, Brainstormin’ with Billy the Brain, on NewsTalk 1520 KVTA in Ventura, California, talks with Gail Rubin about how to have a good goodbye when we leave this life. CLICK HERE to listen or download the MP3 of the interview.

Parrothead Salute Funeral Service

Parrothead Salute at Funeral Service

Radio Interview: Discussing “Parrothead” funerals and funeral planning for those who don’t plan to die with Becky Coles on Talk 820 in Hamilton, Ontario.

In two parts: BC July 19th 11am Gail Rubin and Part Two – Becky Coles Interview

KUNM logoRadio Interview: Ramona King, host of The Spoken Word Hour on KUNM-FM, New Mexico’s public radio station at the University of New Mexico, interviews Gail Rubin. They talk about A Good Goodbye, the Four Rs of a good memorial service, The Newly-Dead Game®, the Frozen Dead Guy Days festival, and how she starts funeral planning conversations with humor.

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