This Cadillac Hearse Has Good Looks and Value

Jan 3, 2019 | 0 comments

Cadillac Hearse at NFDA 2018

When you go to a funeral directors convention, you will always see interesting automobiles at the expo. The 2018 National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) convention had plenty of hearses, flower cars, limousines, party vans, and other specialized vehicles on display.

Cadillac Hearse at 2018 NFDA
Kensington model Cadillac hearse

In this video, Nathan Hurst, VP of Sales and Marketing with SVG Specialty Vehicle Group, points out the features of their Kensington model Cadillac hearse at the NFDA expo.

“This model, which came out last year, has taken off very well,” said Hurst. “It fits a niche for a funeral home that maybe isn’t looking for all the bells and whistles on a car. It’s more of a Plain Jane that gets the job done… and it’s a good attention-getter.”

While one gets the sense that the roof is higher than usual, it actually isn’t. The long limousine style windows makes the car look larger. The windows also allow a better view of the casket inside.

“Traditionally, most cars like this that will have the window glass are considered a higher-priced car. This is not,” explained Hurst. “So we’re giving a few benefits that you might not get on a lower priced car.”

The Kensington also comes with a rear camera, which is so important when you are backing up a large vehicle! And there’s an emergency lock-out feature, a discreet way to access the driver’s side door should you somehow get locked out during a service. These vehicles also have OnStar service.

In funeral industry parlance, these vehicles are also called coaches. Recognizing the meteoric rise in cremation rates, this model includes an urn holder for cremated remains. Many hearses have added urn holders as a feature.

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