Darrell Hill of EternityGardens.com Featured on FuneralRadio

Jan 9, 2019 | 0 comments

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Do you know what to do with the cremated remains of your loved ones? Darrell Hill, founder and CEO of EternityGardens.com, was inspired to start this website thanks to his own experience with his parents.

While his parents are both currently still alive, his mother informed him a few years ago that she and Dad planned to be cremated. When Darrell asked her what she wanted done with their remains, she said, “Oh, just scatter me someplace pretty.”

Realizing that wasn’t much guidance, he began researching the cemetery and cremation businesses. After months of due diligence, Darrell launched an online platform to help cemeteries connect with those individuals and families that have cremated remains at home.

EternityGardens.com is designed to offer guidance to those looking for a permanent final resting place for cremated remains. People can search in categories by state, eco-friendly options, scattering services, veterans, pets, religions, and more.

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Darrell Hill, Founder+CEO, EternityGardens.com

Darrell Hill is featured on A Good Goodbye, the podcast on FuneralRadio.comhosted by Gail Rubin, Certified Thanatologist,  The Doyenne of Death®.

Among the topics discussed:

  • How today’s cremation consumers are different from those of 10 to 20 years ago.
  • The impact aging Baby Boomers are making on the cremation rate.
  • Why funeral homes can benefit from contacting cremation customers that haven’t yet put the remains in a permanent final resting place.
  • How online platforms are changing the funeral industry.

Listen to the 24-minute interview on FuneralRadio here.

A Good Goodbye