Fabulous New Products at the NFDA Convention: Part I

Dec 20, 2019 | 0 comments

At the 2019 National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) convention in Chicago, your humble correspondent saw a number of interesting products and services on display at the expo. Here is part one of a series of videos about new developments.


BereaveMints at NFDA 2019

Jim Finelli, Vice President of Sales for Promotion in Motion, spoke about the new look of the company’s BereaveMints. These candies for funeral homes come in a variety of flavors: peppermint, chocolate mint, and fruit flavors (very popular with children).

This year, they introduced Tuxedo thin chocolate mints, dark chocolate squares with a creamy layer of mint sandwiched inside. The BereaveMints packaging was recently redone with colorful shiny wrapping. More information is available at the company’s website, www.PromotionInMotion.com.

Memorial Signature Frame

Memorial Signature Frame at NFDA 2019

The Memorial Signature Frame was introduced to the funeral industry at this NFDA convention. The company started making these inscribable frames for the bridal industry in 2004. Even though they were created as a wedding guest book, many people would buy them to use for memorial services. The new product was very well received by the funeral directors in attendance. Learn more at www.MemorialSignatureFrame.com.

The Remembering A Life Self-care Box

Helpful Self Care Box for Grief Relief from NFDA

In this video, Gail Marquardt, Vice President of Communications for the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), talks about the Self-care Box they recently introduced. The box contains helpful tools for processing grief after a funeral or memorial service. The tools include a journal, aromatherapy oil and candle, water bottle, keepsake jar, and other items. The box is available through funeral homes that offer the box to client families and to the general public through the NFDA’s consumer website, www.RememberingALife.com.

Funeral Home Interior Design Trends

New Trends in Funeral Home Design

Tam Schreiner is owner and managing director of FFH Design, an interior design company dedicated to making funeral homes look and feel modern and inviting. They can help a funeral home update their decor. Dark wood and heavy draperies are being replace with a modern, light and airy look reminiscent of Pottery Barn or IKEA.

FFH Design also gets involved with the design of a brand new facility. Their work includes designing the “back of the house” area where the preparation work is done. They also guide the decoration and furniture in the ceremonial, visitation and reception areas that the public sees.

Women’s Burial Garments

LH Design Women's Burial Garments at NFDA 2019

Leon Harris, Designer and CEO of LH Design, discusses the spectacular dresses for deceased women his company makes. The bejeweled dresses are designed with versatile neckline options. USA-made in Atlanta, Georgia, LH Design is also offering matching covers for caskets. Their website is www.LHDesign54.com.

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