Fabulous New Products at the NFDA Convention: Part Three

Jan 23, 2020 | 0 comments

At the 2019 National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) convention in Chicago, your humble correspondent saw a number of interesting products and services on display at the expo. Here is part three of a series of videos about new developments. And there’s still a few more yet to come!

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UPD Urns

Tyler Fraser, CEO of UPD Urns, talks about the online urn store that offers thousands of options for urns, cremation jewelry and keepsake urns. Funeral homes can create their own online retail stores that are run by UPD Urns. Check out the online store for A Good Goodbye!

UPD offers urns of brass, wood, ceramics, marble, and many biodegradable options. The jewelry includes options in gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, and glass. There are lovely handmade urns and jewelry, and fingerprint jewelry that can preserve the unique patterns of people and pets in silver or gold. The site also features The Life Chest, beautiful memento storage boxes in a range of styles. Learn more at www.UPDUrns.com.

UPD Urns at NFDA 2019

Sich introduces cremation caskets

Sirius Chan, president of Sich Casket Company, talks about their new line of cremation caskets. There are three models: a casket of woven banana leaves, a wicker casket, and an engineered wood casket with a paper veneer that looks like hardwood.

All models come with a remarkably absorbent biodegradable liner that can absorb up to five gallons of liquid. Chan demonstrates the amazing absorbency of the liner in this video. Learn more about the benefits of Sich caskets at www.SichCasket.com.

Sich Cremation Caskets

The award-winning Stepper for removals

The Stepper from the Mortuary Lift Company helps funeral personnel remove a body from a home or other locations. It’s especially helpful for navigating tight corners or when there are stairs to climb or descend. The Stepper can hold up to 375 pounds, and it enables just one person or two people to easily handle a removal.

The Stepper is an electric stair climbing system that won 2nd place in NFDA’s 2019 Innovation Award. The folding handle allows the attendant to stand upright when descending stairs, avoiding back strain or injury. The sturdy wheels smoothly glide on any surface. Learn more at the company’s website, www.MortuaryLift.com.

The Stepper from Mortuary Lift

Evangelical Garment Services

Rev. E.G. Shields, co-founder of EGS: Evangelical Garment Services, talks about their tailor-made suits and clothing for male and female funeral directors and clergy. They also provide robes for choirs and clergy. At the NFDA convention, they had hundreds of fabric swatches on display, giving expo attendees the opportunity to see, feel and select the cloth for their next bespoke garment.

Evangelical Garment Services

Post and Boost for funeral homes

Bill Johnston, President of Post and Boost®, talks about how funeral homes can effectively advertise on Facebook. When funeral homes feature their funeral directors and other employees in posts on their Facebook pages, then pay to boost those posts in their local markets, those posts are seen more widely and with more impact than with other advertising approaches. Their website is www.PostAndBoost.com.

Johnston is the author of the book, “Why Facebook Works for Funeral Homes and Everything Else Doesn’t!” Buy the book through this Amazon affiliate link.

Post and Boost at NFDA 2019

All of these videos are produced by Gail Rubin, The Doyenne of Death®. She attended the 2019 National Funeral Directors Association convention and expo in Chicago as a trade press journalist. Visit this YouTube channel to see all recent videos.

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