Fabulous New Products at the NFDA Convention: Part Two

Jan 6, 2020 | 0 comments

At the 2019 National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) convention in Chicago, your humble correspondent saw a number of interesting products and services on display at the expo. Here is part two of a series of videos about new developments. And there’s more yet to come!

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Electro Freeze for Funeral Homes

Michelle Beard, Business Development Manager for the Electro Freeze company, was at the expo to promote the idea of putting soft serve ice cream machines in funeral homes. She spoke about the benefits of having one of these machines in a reception center. Not only can it make soft serve ice cream, it can make custard, yogurt, and even frozen adult beverages. Their website is www.ElectroFreeze.com.

Electro Freeze for Funeral Homes

Global Bronze Solei Lights

Global Bronze introduced the Solei Memorial Vase/Light which can be installed on all kinds of memorial markers in cemeteries. It combines a flower vase with a solar powered light which comes on at dusk and switches off at dawn. It can also be switched on during the day by touching the vase. In this video, Alexandra Krawczyk explains how it works. Their website is www.GlobalBronze.com.

Global Bronze Solei Light at NFDA 2019

Undertaking: The Podcast

Ryan Ballard and Brian Waters, co-hosts of Undertaking The Podcast, talk about their funeral director-centric weekly show. They take listeners behind the scenes for in-depth conversations about the business of undertaking. Their website is www.UndertakingThePodcast.com.

Undertaking The Podcast at NFDA 2019

The Victorian Undertaker

Retired funeral director Steve Person talks about the collection of Victorian era undertaking supplies he collected over his 47 year career in funeral service. In this video, he shows cooling tables, a casket designed to keep the deceased cool by surrounding the body with ice, early embalming equipment and tools, and other items.

He also talks about how the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s death helped promote the use of embalming in the United States. He also explains the creation of mortuary colleges and how undertakers evolved into the profession of funeral directors. Steve Person is available to speak as The Victorian Undertaker. His website is www.TheVictorianUndertaker.com.

The Victorian Undertaker at NFDA 2019

Oaktags Oak Leaf Pins

Ruthann Disotell, Founder of Oaktags®, shows how a pin that looks like an oak leaf can be incredibly meaningful. A funeral home can give these pins to family members closest to the deceased. Signage at a visitation lets people know that the people wearing the leaf pins are the bereaved.

The pin comes with a poem: Some leaves wither and fly away. Others rip off in a storm. This leaf rests upon my heart, to keep your memory warm.

Oaktags also offers oak leaf stickers for in-laws and children, and companion products such as Thank You Cards, an anniversary card, and a Greeting Display that lets guests know “Members of the family tree are wearing Oaktags®”. It’s a great way to spread positive word of mouth for a funeral home. For more information, visit www.Oaktags.com.

Oaktags at NFDA 2019

These interviews were recorded by Gail Rubin, Certified Thanatologist and The Doyenne of Death®. She is an award-winning author and blogger, speaker, and coordinator of the Before I Die New Mexico Festival.

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