Video: Personalization Products from Funeral Home Gifts

Apr 24, 2017 | 0 comments

Funeral Home Gifts displayFuneral Home Gifts started offering tribute blankets to funeral directors in 2008. Over nine years, they expanded their line of photo-based personalized memorial products to include casket cap panels, portraits, keepsake pillows and photographic urns. In this video, Karl Weisenbeck, Division President of Funeral Home Gifts, discusses these items on display at the 2017 ICCFA convention and expo.

The photographic woven blankets are very popular with the families who receive them as a gift from their funeral director. After a funeral home gives one tribute blanket to the immediate family, very often, other family members are so impressed, they order additional blankets from the funeral home.

Funeral Home Gifts Diversifies

Funeral Home Gifts can take a photo of the person who died and, overnight, create an artistic woven blanket that incorporates the image of the person. The blanket is delivered to the funeral home in time for the memorial service. Now they can also create these other personalized memorial products in the same timely manner.

Videos about Funeral Home Gifts from earlier funeral industry expos are available here from 2015 and here from 2012.

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