These Colorful Stone Markers are Amazing!

Jun 7, 2018 | 0 comments

OM Stone MarkerYou might think granite markers in cemeteries as somber and gray. But the colorful examples OM Stone showed at the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association’s (ICCFA) annual expo will make you think twice.

Bob March with OM Stone describes the Bronzstone process in this video below. They use a laser process that reaches 3,300 degrees. It actually melts the silica in granite and they add color to create detailed images. These durable, colorful, high resolution designs can last longer than a bronze marker!

“This alternative to bronze on granite does not patina, can’t get stolen, and has measured durability of over one hundred years. We offer a fifty year warranty to the family,” explained March.

Images can be rendered in full color or black and white as the customer desires. They can make portraits, emblems, religious art, and create from images provided by the client. The family gets a framed copy of the memorial artwork along with the warranty.

OM Stone provides cemeteries with a wide range of flat markers, upright monuments, benches, grave ledgers, and cremation markers. Learn more about their products at

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