The MonuGrid Offers Cemeteries Great Benefits

May 15, 2019 | 0 comments

One of the challenges cemeteries regularly face is keeping monuments upright and flat markers from sinking. The MonuGrid, a new product introduced at the 2019 ICCFA convention and expo, offers eco-friendly advantages. In this video, Jeff Chancellor with Eckels and Company explains how the MonuGrid system works.

MonuGrid from Eckels

“MonuGrid replaces cement foundations underneath monuments,” said Chancellor. “Concrete is one of the largest sources of furan, dioxin, and carbon emissions which contribute to climate change.”

This product removes the multi-step installation process for monuments. Traditionally, you’d have a layer of gravel, then a cement slab, and then the monument. With the MonuGrid, there’s just a layer of gravel, the grid is filled with additional gravel, then the monument is placed on top.

Jeff Chancellor describes the MonuGrid
Jeff Chancellor with Eckels and Company shows a MonuGrid.

One MonuGrid can hold over 100 tons of weight! The way it’s designed, it spreads out the monument’s weight, much as a snowshoe distributes a person’s weight over snow. It makes the monument feel much lighter to the soil directly underneath.

It not only improves the stability of monuments and markers, it also can improve drainage around the monument. It can also be used to prevent ruts and mud while driving equipment over cemetery grass.

“Because it’s not rigid, when you drive over it with a tractor, for example, to cut the grass or dig a grave, you don’t break the foundation,” said Chancellor.

The MonuGrid doesn’t require any waiting to set, saving money on time and labor. The high-quality recycled plastic used to make the grid remains flexible in temperatures ranging from -7 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

A video showing installation and where you can learn more about this product is available at this page at

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