COASSON a Flexible Option for Funeral Directors

May 14, 2019 | 0 comments


COASSON® is a combination of the words “coach” and “caisson.” It’s a funeral vehicle which can easily be towed by most fleet vehicles and is less than a third of the cost of a hearse. In this video recorded at the 2019 ICCFA convention and expo, COASSON CEO Ron Stoll and Board Member Vernie Fountain talk about the benefits of the vehicle and the importance of honoring the death of a loved one.

Ron Stoll created the COASSON (pronounced Co-sohn). It has a 20-year life span and weighs 1,800 pounds. Like a caisson, it’s designed to be pulled by a separate vehicle, as the caissons of old were pulled by horses.


“It doesn’t have to be pulled by a big vehicle,” Stoll explained. “We’ve had it pulled by small vehicles, and because it’s only 1,800 pounds, it’s very, very easy to manage.”

Vernie Fountain’s signature is on the COASSON. “I believe in the concept, the reality, and the mission of the company,” said Fountain. “It has to do with comfort and confidence.”

Stoll also created an UrnArk® as part of the COASSON. The design is patented with unique features such as interior lighting, a discreet way of securing the urn during transport, and the ability to put icons in the corners (military, first responder, and religious symbols).

The UrnArk® is also designed to hold two iPads in the corners, to provide multimedia tributes as part of the service. They can put portraits, picture slide shows, music, film and other elements.

Comfort and Confidence

Vernie Fountain, founder of the Fountain National Academy of Professional Embalming Skills in Springfield, Missouri, supports COASSON’s mission. Fountain said, “I’m very much a believer in the body being present, in the viewing of the decedent to help with the beginning of the mourning and grief process.”

Between death and final disposition, there is a period of time that allows family and friends to honor the deceased and say goodbye.

“The important thing that COASSON and I stand for is taking time to be with our deceased loved ones before final disposition,” said Fountain. “People are pushing for a one-hour visitation, and we’re losing the effect of getting our mind set that death has actually occurred.”

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A Good Goodbye