Kodak Photo Scanning System at ICCFA

Mar 12, 2011 | 0 comments

One of the top trends in today’s memorial services is showing a photo montage of pictures set to music. The challenge is getting a bunch of old photo prints digitized quickly and make sure they look good.

In this YouTube video recorded at the ICCFA expo, Barry Symonds, Business Development Manager for Capture Systems and Document Imaging, demonstrates a Kodak scanner that can help funeral directors put photo montages together quickly and easily.

It runs pictures through the scanner quickly, and even if the photos go in crooked, the image is digitized as perfectly aligned. Faded prints can be automatically color-corrected.

Kind of ironic that Kodak first made the photos, and now offers this digitization system so older photos can be quickly utilized at today’s memorial services.

Kodak Photo Scanning at ICCFA
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