Introducing The Bonsai Urn: Growing Life from Loving Memories

Nov 29, 2017 | 0 comments

Bonsai UrnThe Bonsai Urn promises “Growing Life from Loving Memories.” How? You can give the cremated remains of your loved ones a beautiful, portable resting place combined with an elegant potted plant.

The ingenious patent pending design of the Bonsai Urn features an insert for a four-inch pot containing any kind of bonsai plant. Soil and cremated remains are mixed in a center ring, into which the roots can grow over time. The rest of the remains go into an exterior ring inside the urn.

David Lieberstein, Founder and CEO of The Bonsai Urn, explains, “You need to mix both the cremated remains and soil together… the cremains are going to be the growing medium, but they don’t have nutrition of themselves… In our product, the actual roots don’t touch the ash for quite a while.”

The urns can hold up to 15 cups of cremated remains, and they are appropriate for both people and pets. People can order the urns with or without a bonsai tree, in white, beige and celadon (blue/green).

Bonsai UrnThey currently offer three bonsai tree choices with a Bonsai Urn purchase. These plants, typically 6 – 10 years old and measuring 12” – 15” in height, include the Ficus Retusa, Willow Leaf and Braided Money trees. They are best suited to be grown indoors or may be placed outside in mild climates (not below 50 degrees Fahrenheit). Other options are available for more expensive Juniper or indoor/outdoor Hawaiian Umbrella bonsai trees.

“You can use any kind of bonsai tree, house plant, outdoor plant, orchid, succulent, fern, or any kind of plant you want,” said Lieberstein.

The Bonsai Urn was conceived in a moment of inspiration when Lieberstein, a successful entrepreneur in the housewares and gift industry, helped a client market a biodegradable urn for the garden using tree seeds. He realized if you are renting, live in an apartment, condo, or are thinking of moving in the next few years, a portable option with a bonsai or house plant in an urn could be helpful.

Lieberstein reflected, “The passing of our loved ones is always challenging. As more and more people choose cremation for environmental, societal and budgetary reasons, we need more options for the cremains of our family members. The Bonsai Urn gives families an important option to ease this transition and grow memories with natural beauty.”

The urns are available to both funeral homes and the general public. Learn more in the video below.

Introducing The Bonsai Urn
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