Beloved: Custom Personalized Obituaries and Eulogies

Nov 28, 2017 | 0 comments

Petra Orloff

Petra Orloff, President/CEO, Beloved

Petra Orloff, a professional writer for more than 25 years, turned her professional skills toward obituary and eulogy writing after her father died in 2004. This year, she founded Beloved, providing the services of professional writers to create custom obituaries and eulogies that become keepsakes treasured by the family over time.

Beloved was a first-time exhibitor at the 2017 National Funeral Directors Association convention and expo in Boston.

After experiencing the moving reactions to the obituary and eulogy she wrote for her father, Orloff saw the benefit of providing memorial writing services. “People really enjoyed reading a beautiful story about a beloved family member who just passed away. They tend to hold onto it as a memento,” she explained.

“This can be something special for many more people,” Orloff added. “Often we find that obituaries are just for celebrities and public figures. These are for everybody, and they get the same treatment.”

These personalized life stories can run hundreds, even thousands of words. They are often posted on funeral home websites, may be passed around by the family on social media, printed as keepsakes or incorporated into the funeral program.

The Beloved approach to obituary writing is different for each person. Two keys to a personalized obituary is to focus on a passion in a person’s life and get quotes from family members. The turnaround from request to finished obituary is less than 48 hours. Both funeral homes and individual families can access Beloved‘s services. Learn more in the video below and at

Beloved Custom Obituaries and Eulogies
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