Insight Institute and Certified Celebrants at ICCFA

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Glenda Stansbury with the Insight Institute talks about Certified Celebrants and how they help funeral homes provide emotionally healing, good goodbye services for grieving families. The ICCFA has been a big supporter of bringing the services of Certified Celebrants to funeral homes.

Listen to what Glenda has to say. Some info about Celebrants follows.

Are you “spiritual but not religious”? Do traditional funerals leave you cold? Have you told your family to not have a funeral for you?

Funerals or memorial services may be about the person who died, but they are for the people who continue to live and need a ceremony to process their grief. Avoiding holding a service often results in emotional trouble months later. However, a traditional “one-size-fits-all” service can leave bereaved families feeling just as emotionally unsatisfied.

Funeral Celebrants make all the difference for “a good goodbye”

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A Celebrant is a person who is trained and certified to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. Celebrants provide personalized funeral services that reflect the personality and lifestyle of the deceased.

Why Do I Need a Certified Celebrant?

  • A Celebrant offers an alternative to a service by a clergy person for those families not affiliated with a church or who do not wish to have a traditional religious funeral service.
  • Celebrants are specifically trained to design a service that is completely personal, incorporating those unique stories, songs, and experiences that defined that person.
  • Certified Celebrants have a library of resources available for readings, music, ceremonies, and personal touches.
  • Certified Celebrants follow a Code of Ethics that ensures complete confidentiality in all dealings with the family.

How Do I Work With a Celebrant?

  • The Celebrant will schedule a special meeting for your family to share memories, anecdotes and special moments in the loved one’s life. The essence of the service will be based upon the remembrances of the family. Participation by family and friends is encouraged.
  • The Celebrant can serve at a funeral service, memorial service, graveside service, anniversary tribute, tree planting, bench dedication, or any other gathering designed to honor the deceased.

Who Certifies Celebrants?

The In-Sight Institute, which has certified more than 1,600 Celebrants in North America, provides the most comprehensive and sensitive training available. You and your family will be served by someone who understands the process and offers the very best services possible.

What is the Cost?

Your Celebrant will spend approximately 10 hours preparing and conducting your service. Fees for Celebrants vary by market, generally from $200 to $800.

P.S. – Gail Rubin, who writes The Family Plot Blog, is a Celebrant! You can find more information at

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