Innovations for Cemeteries

Mar 28, 2012 | 0 comments

A few of the cemetery innovations at the 2012 ICCFA expo include a way to keep silk flowers in vases and new colorful memorial markers. I also spoke to an architect who designs new mausoleums to fit in with historic cemeteries. Check out these videos:

David and Ruby Broel supply silk flowers to 600 cemeteries around the U.S. and to the Kroger Corporation. The big problem in cemeteries is people think the floral tributes they leave get stolen. Actually, the wind is the culprit. Their company Flowers for Cemeteries came up with a brilliant design to keep flowers in vases (assuming the vases don’t get stolen).

Flowers for Cemeteries

Joel Hepburn-Brown talks about Life’s Memories glass memorial plaques in color – an innovation for cemetery markers! No fading over time, and you set them into headstones. The company is based in Australia and just came to America in 2011.

Innovation in Memorial Plaques

David Dahl, president of Milne Construction, points out some of the innovations his company brings to the construction of new mausoleums in historic cemeteries, in the U.S. and around the world.

Cemetery Architect at ICCFA
A Good Goodbye