Rocking at TEDxABQ!

Sep 15, 2015 | 0 comments

The TEDxABQ Main Event on Saturday was stellar! Gail Rubin “knocked ’em dead.” Here are photos from the event and the after party…

TEDxABQ Group with TK

A few TEDxABQ 2015 speakers with coach TK O’Geary before the event started.

TEDxABQ GR Speaking

Gail Rubin speaking at TEDxABQ. Photo by TK O’Geary.

TED logo with Gail

Gail Rubin and the big red TED sign!

Gregory Gail and TK

Speaker coaches Gregory Lay (L) and TK O’Geary (R) with Gail Rubin.

Gail and speaker coach Merv Jersak.

Gail and speaker coach Merv Jersak.

And a tweet by Megan Kamerick, one of our coaches…

A Good Goodbye