[Video] Imaginary QuitBit Wearable Lifespan Monitor

Sep 11, 2015 | 0 comments

QuitBitHere’s a fun video about QuitBit, an imaginary Apple Watch-like product that predicts the precise time you are going to die. The video is an ad produced by Toronto-based advertising agency UNION and funeral home Mount Pleasant Group. It provides a refreshing approach to getting people to pre-plan on end-of-life issues, including funeral planning.

As reported in ShootOnline.com, QUITBIT is designed to take the wearer’s lifestyle habits into account and use that information to calculate how much time they have remaining in their life. Once the user’s time is almost up, it sends a notification alerting the person that it is time to start preparing for their final goodbye.

Of course, this technology doesn’t actually exist, but the idea serves to help keep funeral planning top of mind for all demographics, even the younger crowd who may not have ever thought about it.

“We wanted to start the conversation about planning in a new way,” explained Lance Martin, executive creative director and partner at UNION. “We live in a technology-hungry world so we decided to take one of the oldest services and give it a digital facelift to appeal to every age group.”

“It’s understandable that nobody wants to talk about death,” said UNION president and partner, Subtej Nijjar. “But funeral planning is one of our most important responsibilities. It just makes sense to bring it to the forefront.”

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