[Video] Jewish Tahara Mortality Minute

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This Mortality Minute video created for Waldman Funeral Care in Houston, Texas explains the Jewish ritual called tahara. It highlights the traditional washing and dressing of the dead, in preparation for burial.

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A transcript of the information follows the video.

Jewish Tahara Mortality Minute

This Jewish Mortality Minute is brought to you by Waldman Funeral Care: Extraordinary Service. Compassionate Care.

Hi, I’m Gail Rubin, The Doyenne of Death, with today’s Mortality Minute.

Tahara is a ritual cleansing performed before Jewish burial. It’s a beautiful ceremony that helps the soul of the deceased transition to the world beyond. Members of the Chevrah Kaddisha perform this mitzvah.

After the body has been cleaned physically, it is ritually cleansed with flowing water. Now, some funeral homes have a mikvah, a dedicated ritual bath, for a full immersion tahara. More often, pitchers are used to pour water the length of the body. The person is gently dried, dressed in a white shroud, and placed in the casket.

The tahara is carried out with prayers and song. Women do the ceremony for women, and men for men. It’s a beautiful Jewish tradition to consider for yourself.

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This Mortality Minute was brought to you by Waldman Funeral Care – Extraordinary Service. Compassionate Care. To learn more, visit WaldmanFuneralCare.com.

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