Funeral Reception Food and Drink

Mar 16, 2010 | 0 comments

When funeral planning, remember to extend your creativity to the reception after the service.

As a reflection of the deceased, meaningful food and drink can be a great way to celebrate his or her life. If Mom’s brownies were the best, or Dad was known for his barbeque sauce, serve those items in honor of their memory. Hopefully he or she wrote the recipe down before they died!

Honoring cultural roots with food is another way to go, such as Italian, Chinese, French, or Irish cuisines, or Jewish deli platters. You don’t have to cook – order carryout or ask your friends if they can make specific dishes for you. Or hold the reception at a restaurant that specializes in such cuisines.

Many well-meaning friends will send food to the home of the bereaved upon hearing of the death. You need to decide if you want to serve the food that is sent or save it for the family to eat after the crowds have gone.

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