Frozen Dead Guy Days

Mar 15, 2010 | 1 comment

There’s a festival in Colorado dedicated to a man who died 20 years ago and his body lies in a minus 100 degree deep freeze in a Tuff Shed. Is this a great country or what?

In Nederland, 60 miles west of Boulder, they celebrate Frozen Dead Guy Days. Every March, for the past eight years, the festival includes coffin races, frozen turkey bowling and “Frozen Dead Guy” look-alike contests. The festival draws approximately 10,000 tourists, which helps shopkeepers survive the slow winter season.

So who is the Frozen Dead Guy?

A Norwegian man known as “Grandpa” Bredo Morstoel died in 1989 and has been frozen ever since. His grandson Trygve dreamed of starting a cryonics research center in this small town. Trygve’s theory was that future technology might one day bring Grandpa back to life.

But, Trygve was deported back to Norway for overstaying his visa and had to leave grandpa behind. But every month, the dry ice around Grandpa’s container is replenished to keep him frozen in the hopes that technology will advance enough to bring him back to life.

ABC News did a story about the Frozen Dead Guy that ran last night. And you’ve got to visit the web site for the Frozen Dead Guy Days put together by the Nederland Chamber of Commerce.

They even have a theme song! Written and performed by Sister Merry Harmony, it starts:

“Grandpa’s frozen in the shed, waiting to rise up from the dead. He must feel a bit confined in a box at minus 109. Every March, Grandpa comes out to race in coffins, twist and shout. The festival of death and ice gives his life a little spice.”

I fully intend to be involved with this event next year!

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