The Final Party Planner

Sep 6, 2009 | 1 comment

I’m glad to see there’s a new business in Chicago that does for funerals — the Dispatchings of our lives — what wedding planners do for the Matchings. An article in Crain’s Chicago Business focuses on Loving Touches Memorial Services, party planning for life celebrations. It’s another way to do funeral planning with flair, and I’m all for it!

I’ve noticed that some funeral homes have offered catering arrangements and housecleaning as part of the services they offer for families doing funeral planning. If you hold a funeral or memorial service, there is almost always some kind of reception or gathering afterward. Party planning, while something you probably don’t want to do in the throes of grief, is a part of the process of bidding a fond farewell to our loved ones.

The problem is, many folks are not natural-born party throwers and don’t have a clue what they need to have on hand to easily have a smooth-running social event. My friends, my home is Party Central, where entertaining is a finely honed art.

If you would like a list of items — from glasses and dishes to candles and serving utensils — to throw any kind of party, drop me an email note and I’ll share my party item checklist with you. My email is Gail_Rubin (at)

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