Nederland’s Carousel of Happiness

Mar 6, 2011 | 0 comments

The Carousel of Happiness

On Friday, before things got underway at Frozen Dead Guy Days, we got a look around town. The Carousel of Happiness has hand-carved animals created by a local artist. It also has 27 solar photovoltaic panels that help power the merry-go-round in this octagon-shaped building. The mechanism for the ride is 100 years old and came from Utah.

The $1 per 2-3 minute ride will go to support children’s charities, once all the expenses to build it are paid off.

After an incredibly blustery Saturday, today was calm and cloudy. Snow started falling in the afternoon, so we had a nice crowd in the Brain Freezer tent for our third round of “The Newly-Dead Game.” It went really well.

A couple who had been married 27 years won. The other two couples, one had been married four years, and the other couple two and a half years. Seems like the longer you’re married, the better you know the last wishes for your significant other!

Thanks again to Engage With Grace for sponsoring “The Newly-Dead Game” at Frozen Dead Guy Days.

A Good Goodbye