Message in a Bottle

Jun 6, 2013 | 2 comments

What do you think about sending cremated remains on an unsupervised trip around the ocean?

This got passed along to me, and I don’t know the author of the description. But, what a way to go!

Message in a BottleI never met Don “Cowboy” Cuda when he was alive, but I met him on a beach in Mexico after he died. My wife and I were combing the beach for shells down in Puerto Penasco when we noticed a bottle lying in a bunch of seaweed.

I picked up the “trash” and noticed this bottle had a note in it and a bunch of ashes.

The note in the ashes said “Hello my name is Don ‘Cowboy’ Cuda and I am traveling the world after I passed away. If you find me can you please return me to the sea.”

After Googling a bit, a friend was able to find Don Cuda. He was a biker who passed away in Washington State a little over a month before and just floated down to Mexico. We promptly threw his ashes back in the ocean! End of story.

Long live Cowboy Cuda and his traveling cremated remains!

A Good Goodbye