Baby Boomers to Funeral Industry: Change or Die

Jun 10, 2013 | 0 comments

As the Silver Tsunami of baby boomers starts crashing into end-of-life realities, these funeral consumers have their own unique demands – and funeral service providers need to pay attention or lose business.

At the same time, boomers need to educate themselves about the myriad of choices they will face, not “if” but “when” the Grim Reaper comes to call. Even super-savvy shoppers let their brains go on vacation when they buy funeral services, one of the most emotionally fraught and potentially costly purchases a family will make.

Final Rights coverJosh Slocum, executive director of the Funeral Consumers Alliance and co-author of Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death, will discuss funeral consumer issues on A Good Goodbye Radio this Wednesday, June 12 at 6:00 p.m. ET/3:00 p.m. PT. Download the podcast!

“Death is not an optional lifestyle choice that may not be right for you. Having suffered a heart attack at age 36, I can tell you you’re not too young to die, either,” says Slocum. “That conversation with your kids about how to budget, compare credit card rates, protect your online life? You need to have it about death, too.”

Topics of Discussion

Some of the funeral consumer issues to be discussed include:

  • What is and is not required when arranging a funeral;
  • How to be an informed funeral consumer;
  • The pros and cons of pre-need payments;
  • What aspects of death care families can do themselves;
  • Where people can find helpful resources.

Listeners are invited to call in with their questions and stories during the second half of the program. The toll-free number is 866-404-6519.

This program is sponsored by MedCure, a national body donation program in support of medical science. MedCure works with licensed funeral directors to arrange for the transportation and cremation of donated bodies, provides two copies of the death certificate and returns the cremated remains in a heart-shaped urn, all at no cost to the family.

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