Pet Loss and Disenfranchised Grief on A Good Goodbye Radio

May 27, 2013 | 1 comment

Any dog or cat owner will tell you pets are members of the family. Yet when a fur child dies or disappears, grief over pet loss is often dismissed. What can pet parents do?

Coleen Ellis and Ellie

Coleen Ellis and Ellie

Coleen Ellis, founder of Two Hearts Pet Loss Center and co-chair of the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA), has been there.

When she lost her beloved “Mico” in 2003, no one understood how she could be so upset over losing “just a dog.” She was devastated and struggled with saying goodbye to her terrier-schnauzer mix “baby girl.”

Ms. Ellis discussed pet loss and disenfranchised grief on A Good Goodbye Radio on Wednesday, May 29. Listen to the podcast:

Coleen Ellis is the author of Pet Parents: A Journey Through Unconditional Love and Grief. Pet parents and pet care professionals nationwide are using the book as a resource, an educational teaching tool and a source of comfort.

Some aspects of pet loss and grieving discussed:

  • Ideas to help celebrate the special bonds people share with their pets;
  • How to choose the right cremation provider or funeral home;
  • Ways that pets can be honored in life and in death;
  • How death-care professionals, veterinarians and others are taking steps to serve pet parents;
  • Where people can find resources to help process their pet loss and grief.

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