Do Funerals Matter? Dead Serious Grief Expert Says Yes

Jul 15, 2013 | 2 comments

Dr. Bill Hoy, grief and funeral expert

Dr. Bill Hoy, grief and funeral expert

A growing number of families in the U.S. increasingly perceive funeral rites as unessential after a death. They are dead wrong.

Recent research confirms what clinicians have long observed – funerals fulfill critical psychological and social needs following a death. Families that skip holding a funeral may suffer emotional consequences by not processing acute grief with a death ritual.

Grief counselor and death educator William G. Hoy, DMin, FT, will discuss the purposes and practices of death rituals on A Good Goodbye Radio this Wednesday, July 17. Download the podcast!

Dr. Bill Hoy has studied funeral rites for three decades. He examines how they are used around the world to help mourners make sense of death and to negotiate the radical changes that come about in the aftermath of a loved person’s death. He has worked as a clergyman, pastoral counselor, and scholar in congregation, hospice, bereavement center and university settings. The author of several books, his latest is Do Funerals Matter?

Topics covered in Do Funerals Matter? to be discussed during the show include:

  • The five anchors for effective death rituals – significant symbols, gathered community, ritual action, cultural heritage and the body’s presence;
  • What makes funerals valuable for processing grief;
  • The business of funerals and consumer issues;
  • How to use ritual in grief counseling;
  • How American death rituals compare to other cultures globally.

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