Other Reasons People Avoid Funeral Planning

Sep 27, 2010 | 0 comments

Ever notice most people are hesitant to even talk about funeral planning? The thought occurred to me, we have a fear of funeral planning, because to do so, we would have to admit that this joy ride called life has an end.

We’d have to look at how we’ve lived our lives, examine how we’ve acted and review what we’ve done with our time on Earth.

We’d be forced to look at how we’ve treated others, and think about what others would say about us at our funerals.

We’d need to take stock of our achievements and contributions to humanity. Perhaps we are afraid we’ll find ourselves lacking.

There is no need to fear lack in this amazingly abundant world in which we live. We have a great capacity to love and learn, however old or young we are. It’s never too late to start learning, loving and sharing our gifts with each other.

Now is the time to make amends, ask forgiveness, and forgive those against whom we’ve held grudges. Bad feelings are heavy baggage to carry through life. And now, with airlines charging so much for taking baggage on flights, it’s time to think about how much you are being charged emotionally for the heavy weight of anger against others.

Drop the baggage of ill will you hold against others. It only weighs you down. You can fly free!

Then looking at life and how to celebrate its full span, however long or short that may be, becomes an exercise in counting one’s blessings and marveling at the impact each human being has within the circle of life.

The funeral is a life cycle event in all of our lives. Let’s live as if dying was not a distant possibility, but something that could happen any day. Live each day so that if it was the last, we can leave our mortal coil with no regrets.

I’ve written about fear of funeral planning before, and you can visit www.AGoodGoodbye.com to read more.

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