Funeral Planning by the Numbers

Jul 31, 2011 | 0 comments

Just spoke yesterday at Alamosa Books as part of a day of talks by SouthWest Writers members in different genres (mine was nonfiction). Had a great turnout with a group of widows who made an outing to hear me talk!

The speech was “Funeral Planning by the Numbers.” It covers numbers one through six, which are:

  • One life to live
  • Two events: weddings and funerals and their similarities
  • Three reasons we don’t want to pre-plan funerals
  • Four reasons to pre-plan funerals and the four “Rs” of a good goodbye event
  • Five things to know NOW about each family member
  • Six questions to ask yourself and answer before you meet with a funeral director or pre-need advisor

If you’ve got time to watch the 25 minute talk, take a look at it through YouTube!

Funeral Planning by the Numbers
A Good Goodbye