Urns in Style at CANA

Aug 17, 2015 | 0 comments

Urns in Style CeramicAt the CANA convention, Michi Kustra, owner of Urns In Style, shows the glass, ceramic and metal urns she offers through funeral homes and to the general public on her website, www.UrnsInStyle.com.

And what stylish urns they are! Their handmade glass urns are very substantial, with a glowing quality, and made in the United States. They also offer ceramic urns with beautiful textures and finishes and contemporary metal urns in various sizes and shapes.

“The reason the public comes to our website is they simply couldn’t find what they were looking for at the funeral home,” said Kustra. “As the cremation rate rises, there’s rising demand for more than just a container. They want to represent the special life of their loved ones, so that’s where we come into play.”

Check out the video and see other photos of Urns In Style offerings below.

Urns In Style

Urns in Style Glass


Urns in Style Glass 3



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