The Amazing Odor Neutralizer Neutrolene

Jun 9, 2014 | 0 comments

Neutrolene PharoahHere’s another discovery at the 2014 ICCFA convention: the amazing odor neutralizer Neutrolene!

Chet Robbins, co-founder of Neutrolene, talks about the company’s decomposition and odor neutralizer. They have a family of environmentally-safe products that instantly neutralize – not mask – organic odors,

The spray eliminates odors emitted by dead human bodies. This is important both in funeral homes and at medical schools. Medical students may practice procedures or dissect cadavers that have been refrigerated for months or years, and when they “thaw out,” the odor can be overwhelming.

The spray is used directly on decomposition, bed sores, bodily fluids, textiles, all surfaces, body bags, refrigeration units, fiberboard containers, caskets, urns, carpets, vehicles, upholstery, smoking areas and more.

Check out the video and their website,

Amazing Neutrolene Odor Neutralizer!
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