The Amazing BodySealer

Apr 21, 2016 | 0 comments

BodySealer PouchWhen shipping a body from one place to another, there are many concerns that need to be addressed: preventing fluid leakage, containing odors and keeping the body secure. Before the invention of the BodySealer® system, funeral directors would address these concerns by using a metal Ziegler case, which can cost a family hundreds of dollars.

The BodySealer is a hermetically sealed bio-hazard containment pouch that addresses these shipment issues at a much lower cost. The containment material is made up of three layers – polyurethane, aluminum foil and nylon. The BodySealer can be used for international shipping, because it qualifies as a hermetically sealed metal container.

“This product can be used when you have a body that is badly decomposed, a burn victim or any situation where you’re looking for containment of moisture and offensive odors,” said Carson Sprow with BodySealer.

The material, which comes on a roll, is 40 inches wide and can hold up to 600 pounds per square inch, so it can handle almost every oversize case. Each roll can cover 24 cases at about $50 per case.

“Not only is it cost-effective, it’s light and you can ship this by itself with a wooden shipping container or an air tray,” said Sprow, who also runs International Mortuary Shipping. “I’ve shipped a lot of people worldwide with this product.”

BodySealer Biocontainment Pouch

To use, the body is laid on the material, which is folded over the body and secured with clips. The funeral director then uses a heat crimp to seal the edges all the way around. Air in the bag can be pushed out before completely sealing the container.

Despite the aluminum foil, the material allows x-ray inspection. If a visual inspection is required, the edges can be cut open and re-sealed.

For crematories, the sealed containers can be used for body storage if the refrigeration unit is full. The body, inside BodySealer containment pouch, can be safely cremated without exposure to hazardous fluids.

The BodySealer is totally manufactured in the United States using U.S. made products. To learn more, visit or call 888-848-3113. First-time users can get a package deal of a heat crimper and a roll of the material at a $150 discount.

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