Synthetic Cadavers for Mortuary Science

Oct 29, 2015 | 0 comments

SynDaver Labs CadaverPeople donate their bodies to medical schools for anatomy studies and other purposes, and in exchange, the family gets a free cremation along with the satisfaction of contributing to research. Mortuary schools also use cadavers for students to practice embalming and restorative arts.

But that may be changing.

SynDaver CadaverAt the NFDA convention and expo, SynDaver Labs displayed a synthetic human body designed for anatomy study. This eye-catching example was stretched out on a table for attendees to examine and touch. It has every muscle in the body, but no skin.

The synthetic cadaver is actually constructed of a proprietary blend of water, salt and fiber. It’s 75% water, which gives it a realistic feel and the realistic properties of bodies as well. Having touched the intestines, which had fake food in them, I can tell you it feel creepily real.

Conar Mahon, SynDaver Labs’ sales director, explains in this video that they make models for surgical simulation, medical education and now, funeral science. The funerary education model features a full vascular system that can be embalmed, and the lips and eyes can be sutured, just like real bodies.

The only difference is these bodies need to be hosed down occasionally so they don’t dry out. The company is willing to consider ideas for custom items, if you’re so inclined.

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