StoryClip Preserves Condolences on Video

Nov 6, 2015 | 0 comments

New technology for funeral homes gets introduced every year at the NFDA convention. At the 2015 expo, StoryClip launched its new service to provide video condolences and messages from the deceased (recorded before they die, of course).

Dustin Vik, co-founder and president of StoryClip, explained how the process works. “StoryClip is a tablet-based kiosk that allows family and friends to leave video condolences at your funeral home,” he said.

StoryClip kioskAt the funeral home, attendees can walk up to the kiosk and see a listing of the deceased individuals under the funeral home’s care. After selecting the person’s family for whom they want to leave a message, a simple tap on the screen’s “Tell Your Story” icon starts the video recording. People can review what they said, and erase and re-record if they don’t like their initial takes. After they hit save, the next person can record.

“Every time a StoryClip is recorded, our automated software takes and compiles all of these StoryClips into one single video, and brands it with your funeral home logo at the beginning and the end. You simply hit ‘publish’ and the family receives an email link that they can use to download the video to their hard drive, share on social media, email it to friends and family, and do with what they want,” said Vik.

“The beauty of it for the funeral home is every time that video is shared, your funeral home logo is going to be shown to dozens, hundreds of people, potentially.”

In the near future, StoryClip will offer a funeral pre-arrangement feature. It will allow someone to leave an after-death video message for his or her loved ones. “They record their last words, and it goes into an archive,” said Vik. “If you would, just imagine setting down to view the condolence videos and seeing Mom or Dad saying goodbye.”

There’s more information in the videos below. Learn more at

StoryClip Videos
StoryClip - Personal Video Condolences
A Good Goodbye