Shrouds and Green Burial Products

Apr 16, 2014 | 0 comments

Green Burial WagonSince today’s A Good Goodbye Radio show is about the green burial documentary A Will for the Woods, here’s a short video about green burial products, filmed at the recent ICCFA convention and expo.

Esmerelda Kent was a costume designer in Hollywood, until she saw the TV show Six Feet Under. It prompted her to make a career change, and she went into the death care industry – but focused on green burial. Her first shroud was featured in the show, with a green burial at the end of the series.

Now she has branched out, offering burial shrouds, fragrant oil for anointing the dead, and this year she started offering custom-made burial wagons. Check it out in this YouTube video:

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To learn more about the green burial movement in the U.S., tune in to hear today’s interview with Amy Browne and Jeremy Kaplan, co-directors of the documentary, A Will for the Woods. The movie was screened at the ICCFA convention, and we’ll discuss how it was received by the industry.

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