Rock and Roll in the CataCoffin!

Dec 13, 2012 | 0 comments

For those who must have their rock and roll music in the afterlife, or want some good tunes if they’re buried alive, consider the CataCoffin. All rock stars will want to know about this casket’s musical options for their postmortem existence.

CataCoffin, the brainchild of a Swedish company known as Pause, offers a CataCombo Sound System with a custom-built amplifier and a pair of 2-way speakers, tweeters and an 8-inch sub-woofer specially tuned to the coffin’s acoustic space.

And the CataCoffin can be paired with the CataTomb tombstone! The headstone has an upgradeable music server that runs on a 2.5GHz Intel processor and a 4G wireless connection. This allows playlists to be managed online. A 7-inch LCD display shows the currently playing song, plastered right beside your epitaph.

At least you could have a good sound system at the visitation! Read more about it at


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