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Oct 19, 2015 | 0 comments

Welcome to The Family Plot Blog coverage of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) annual convention and expo in Indianapolis, Indiana! Funeral directors from across the country and around the globe have converged here to learn and shop at the largest funeral expo in the world.

Old HearseCheck out the 100-year-old hearse automobile on display in the lobby at the convention registration area.

Indiana is a major center for casket manufacturing. Casket companies based in Indiana include the biggest names in the business: Aurora, Batesville, Astral Industries (which always brings the Living Statue Guy to conventions), and C.J. Boots Casket Company.

What You’ll See

NFDA Welcome SignThere are more than 350 exhibiting companies displaying the latest in funeral service-related products and services. NFDA exhibitors offer “solutions” in all the areas below:

Advertising/Marketing • General Mortuary Supply • Airlines/Transportation/Shipping • Gifts • Architecture/Design • Grief Services • Ash Disbursement • Health-related Products/Services • Associations • Insurance/Trust • Burial Vaults • Jewelry • Candles • Medical Services/ Products • Caskets • Military Funeral/Burial • Cemetery Supply/Services • Memorialization/ Keepsakes • Child/Infant Related • Miscellaneous • Computer/Website/Internet Related • Monuments/Grave Markers • Consulting • Music • Cosmetics • Pet Burial/Cremation • Credit Card/Collections • Preneed/Advance Planning Services • Cremation • Printing/Paper Products • Education/Licensure • Publications • Embalming Supplies • Signs • Employment • Telephone Equipment/Services • Finance/Investing • Urns • Furniture/Décor • Vehicles

I’ll be visiting the expo and interviewing exhibitors on new funeral products and services. Stay tuned!

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