PawsRest Pet Caskets

Apr 14, 2015 | 0 comments

PawsRest casketPet loss products were a big category at this year’s ICCFA convention expo. Mark Brewer with PawsRest Premium Pet Caskets spoke with me about the quality wood caskets they make specifically for the burial of dogs and cats.

When his dog died, Brewer couldn’t find many good options for burying his beloved pet. There were plastic and cardboard containers, but nothing designed to truly honor a four-legged family member.

He decided to make his own high quality caskets for pet lovers to obtain a dignified burial container for their dog or cat. After a year and a half of trial and error, the PawsRest casket was perfected.

These caskets have cream colored velvet interiors, with a pleated sun design inside the lid. The wood veneer caskets are finished with a dark cherry stain. They plan to release an oak version of the casket soon.

These caskets are designed specifically for pets and are offered in three sizes: small (up to 25 pounds), medium (up to 50 pounds) and large (up to 90 pounds).

PawsRest Mark Brewer

Mark Brewer with PawsRest

Brewer started PawsRest three years ago. This is the first time he has exhibited at ICCFA and he has gotten good feedback from attendees. He’s also exploring expanding his product line to provide human caskets for infants and toddlers.

The public can buy PawsRest caskets online through Amazon and at various cemeteries. Learn more at

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