Online Planners to Help You Put It All Together

Mar 30, 2014 | 0 comments

Casket Art by Robert NeubeckerThe New York Times recently ran a “Your Money” story about online sites that can securely store your funeral planning and financial information for your family to access in the event of your death. Titled “Navigating the Logistics of Death Ahead of Time,” this article highlights one new company, called Everplans, a website that helps people create detailed end-of-life plans.

From the article:

“The site, which she [Abby Schneiderman] founded with Adam Seifer, 45, recently introduced the so-called Everplan, which approaches life’s last big event in the same way you might plan a wedding or another major occasion: It walks users through what an end-of-life and estate plan should include, provides a place to store everything and goes as far as offering reviews on funeral homes and nearby restaurants. It will also handle the invitation.

The number of end-of-life planning and document storage sites is on the rise, like and Principled Heart, and many of those, too, have sprung from personal loss or out of necessity. Other websites deal with a specific piece of planning, such as online memorials, sending emails from the grave (morbid, I know) or what should happen to your Facebook account. And some estate planning lawyers are said to be working on storage sites of their own.”

The list of Digital Death and Afterlife Online Services at The Digital Beyond is extensive. It does not currently include funeral planning sites such as or Funerals360. And don’t forget you can download a free planning form from to pull your information together – but you can’t store your information here.

Check out the New York Times story for more information about using online end-of-life planning and document storage sites. Then, do something about it, either on paper or online!

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