Memorial Sculptures at ICCFA

Mar 25, 2012 | 0 comments

A wide range of memorial markers dotted the ICCFA expo, some larger than life, others small enough to fit on top of an urn. I spoke to two sculptors displaying their wares.

Val Grinshpun creates sculptures for both people and pet urns. His company Carvax, Inc. creates Timberland urns that feature bronze sculptures on top and photos on the front that can be changed depending on the interests of the deceased.

Sculptures for Urns

Then there was Max Greiner, a sculptor of monumental works that focus on Christian themes. Christians seeking to glorify God have sought out his work to use as monuments on their graves. He also makes smaller versions of his sculptures that can be used on urns. He and his associate were kind enough to give me a blessing while I visited his booth.

Monumental Christian Cemetery Art
A Good Goodbye