Memorial Fans and Cremation Box Covers

Jun 30, 2013 | 0 comments

Memorial Fan

Another interesting product on display at the 2013 ICCFA convention and expo: memorial fans and cremation box covers. Bet you didn’t know such things were out there!

Jo-Ann Miller with At All Occasions (a.k.a. VisionMedical) was showing expandable tri-fold fans, which can also serve as a memorial item, a program, and simply a fan for services in hot and humid climates. They also make stick fans, a printed square of laminated paper on a wooden handle. Funeral homes can put their information on the back as a constant promotional reminder.

They have artists on staff to produce the artwork for the memorial fans. If creating a fan at need, they recommend emailing the information so it can be cut and pasted to avoid any issues with typos.

They also print paper box sleeves to cover the plain boxes that contain cremated remains. These paper sleeves extend the funeral home’s branding to the most simple cremation containers.

The company also carries brightly-colored metallic urns. Visit their website.

Memorial Fans at ICCFA 2013
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