Memento Memorials Artistic Urns

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Memento Memorials Cradle Urn

Memento Memorials Cradle Urn

Memento Memorials debuted their artistic, unusual cremation urns at the 2015 NFDA convention to much interest by funeral directors in attendance. Chris Harvan and his wife started the company in 2003 to create urns, keepsakes and memorials for family and friends who have lost pets and infants.

Since then, they’ve branched out into urn product lines that feature artful design and crafting of metal, wood, concrete and other materials.

They started with what they call a Cradle urn, which looks like an acorn that can be displayed with the pointed end up or down. There’s another model that positions the containers sideways. The Cradle Companion Urn enables a couple to have their cremated remains displayed together, side-by-side.

Memento Memorials Companion Urn

Cradle Companion Urn

In this video below, Harvan explains the variations in designs and finishes they provide.

“We have sketchbooks filled with product ideas and concepts, and we don’t get to build all of them, but occasionally we get a window where we’re able to build something unique and offer it to a family in need,” said Harvan.

They also make historical portrait assemblages, pet urns, ring boxes, and other mementos. They will send interested people images of projects as they develop. Find out more at the company’s website,

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