Medical Implant Recycling

Mar 21, 2011 | 1 comment

At the recent ICCFA expo of products and services, I came across Implant Recycling LLC. Medical implants of titanium and other metals, such as hip or knee replacements, screws, rods and plates, survive the cremation process, but they aren’t usable. What to do with the scrap metal?

Implant Recycling LLC is an environmental and recycling company established specifically to serve the crematory and cemetery industries by recycling the metallic by-products of the cremation process. They created a dignified and lawful removal process, throughout North America and beyond.

The materials they collect are recycled and remelted before being sold into markets that will reuse them for orthopedic purposes. Brad Wasserman with Implant Recycling shows off a 20-pound ingot in this YouTube video about the process.

Implant Recycling at ICCFA

Contributors of materials are given the option of monetary compensation for their time and efforts, or donations are made to the charity of their choice.  There is never a charge for this service.


  • Crematory operators will have an industry accepted, efficient, legal and environmentally sensitive method for disposal of metallic by-products.
  • Crematory operators will not have to bear the cost to store or dispose of unwanted metallic remains.
  • Recycling these metals reduces the amount of mining and energy needed to make new metal parts while at the same time reducing landfill needs.
  • Recycling metallic by-products supports sustainable development by reducing air pollution, conserving natural resources and decreasing land and water contamination.
  • Implementing a controlled recycling program reduces theft. Materials with a propensity to be stolen, can no longer be illegally sold to local junk yards.
  • Recycling metallic by-products can provide a helpful gift to a worthy charity.

A big thumbs up for this service!

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