ICCFA Opening Reception Exhibits

Mar 8, 2011 | 0 comments

Opening night at the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas revealed some interesting new developments in funeral supplies. Here are some photos taken this evening, along with information.

Wacker Neuson Vehicle

Another vehicle on display from Wacker Neuson SE, a global manufacturer of light and compact equipment and vehicles with over 30 affiliates and more than 180 locations across the globe. Here at ICCFA they’re showing a major earth mover for digging graves. It’s huge. It’s heavy-duty. It’s built to dig and replace earth many times in one day. It’s also brand new shiny clean. And a happy (and eye-catching) yellow color to boot!

Aurora Casket Company proudly introduced a new designer hardwood casket: the 23rd Psalm, with “The Lord is My Shepherd” inscribed artfully on each side. The poplar casket has a khaki basket weave cotton interior. Although this is a wood casket, it has some metal parts, so it is not a “kosher” casket.

KISS Casket #1

If you’d prefer something a big more outrageous, check out this KISS casket from Eternal Image and manufactured by Cherokee Adult Specialty Caskets. Black fabric lining, and look at this shot of the lid from the other side!

The Cherokee Casket Company has been making child-sized caskets for 70 years. They just  started manufacturing the adult specialty caskets in the past year or so. In association with Eternal Image, they also manufacture a “Precious Moments” casket and are working on a “Star Trek” pod casket that’s coming soon, according to Jason Dean Mims, VP of Operations (pictured below).

Cherokee Child Caskets

Shifting attention to urns, these offerings from Kelco Supply Company include a Himalayan rock salt urn that dissolves in a few hours, should you choose to immerse it in a body of water. The sandy urn next to it has tiny footprints on it, and above both is a hand-made pine-needle basket.

Three Urns - salt, sand, pine needlesThese decorative box urns come from Aionio, based in the Philippines. These high-quality handmade urns feature hardwood veneers, leather interiors, embossed metal, and fine Swarovski crystals retail for about $3,000.

Aionio UrnsAnd let’s not forget our pets! There are lots of pet memorialization products here. These pet memory keepers from Keepsake Company are designed to hold pet mementos such as collars, toys, leashes, etc. along with cremains. The memory box can be purchased unfinished so kids in the family can decorate it as a way to process their sadness.

Pet Memory Keeper boxes

A Good Goodbye