How Gimmicks Attract Visitors to NFDA Exhibitors

Oct 25, 2016 | 0 comments

After you’ve been to a few funeral director conventions, you begin to notice specific vendors use their favorite enticements for drawing visitors to their exhibit booths at the expo. Here are photos from the 2016 NFDA convention in Philadelphia that illuminate this phenomenon.

Astral Living Statue Guy

Astral Caskets always brings in the Unspeakable Joy living statue man, who always delights and generates lots of picture-taking.

LoveUrns barista

LoveUrns provides a barista preparing espresso and other caffeine delights.

Precoa popcorn

Precoa pre-need planning always offers flavored popcorn.

Messenger pretzel

Messenger tempted visitors with Philadelphia pretzels and photo ops with a Rocky look-alike.

FuneralOne Flower Girls

FuneralOne featured the fun activity of getting your picture taken with these Flower Girls.

Shoe shiners

Several exhibitors offered free shoe shines if you came and sat a while.

A Good Goodbye