EterniTrees Urns Grow a Living Monument

May 5, 2013 | 1 comment

Want to honor your loved one by growing a tree? Here’s something cool I saw at the recent ICCFA convention and expo.

EterniTrees offers the chance to put cremated remains in a biodegradable urn that contains tree seeds. Your loved one’s remains can help grow a tree that’s reflective of their character and the climatic zone of your area.

EterniTrees won first place in the KIP Awards as the most innovative personalized product in 2012.

In this video, EterniTrees president Nicholas Hammerling describes how the product works. It’s available for both people and pets, and you can get up to 23 different kinds of trees, from deciduous to evergreen. The essence of your loved one becomes the heart of the tree.

EterniTrees Award-Winning Bio-Urns

These products are only available through funeral homes, so if this is something that appeals to you, ask for it when you go to make your arrangements (hopefully before there’s a death in the family). There’s more information at their web site:

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